At a glance the PAB system is completely indistinguishable from a conventional building as our bespoke system allows for a variety of external finishes to be applied to match existing. It is only when you read about the construction techniques and the technology involved in our system that you can appreciate just what the PAB system can offer.

The bespoke nature of the PAB system means it can be adapted to solve almost any construction brief, especially in the area of Disabled

Adaptations. Not only can we deliver a high quality product within budget, but we can dramatically reduce the build time, which in turn

reduces the stress associated with this type of work.

In order to get a better idea of the construction of the PAB system please click here to visit our PAB system website where you can find out more about the technology and the techniques involved and see examples of PAB's being constructed, finished internally and externally, ready for handover in as little as 8 days.